What To Look For When Purchasing Your New Car

buying-a-new-car-02-v2A car is a very important purchase, especially if it is something that you use every day. For this reason, one must carefully consider a few aspects when deciding which car to purchase. With expensive investments such as buying a house or investing in a car, your skeptical persona should be on high alert. This is the time when you need to be extra picky and critical about your preferences and the specifications of what it is exactly that you want and need. Use these four criteria to guide you in selecting the best car that suits your style and use.


Though this aspect is mostly trivial for some car enthusiast who tends to be too technical with the engine build and overall performance, it is a big factor for the ordinary user. Like smartphones, the way a car is designed should match the personality of the owner or the driver. Some people prefer the rough and edgy look of small cars such as those that you can find in the Kia Picanto or the Ford Fiesta, and some still have a soft spot for the classic sedan design of the Suzuki Ciaz or the Nissan Almera.


Are you buying a car to drive yourself to work every day or are you buying it to serve the entire family? This is an important thing to consider because a car’s capacity and size can easily impact the level of comfort in the experience it will provide you. If you plan on using it for the entire family such as when dropping the kids off at school every morning, then it is best to opt for the SUVs rather than the Sedans. In the same way, traveling with an SUV alone to work every day can easily get you to be stuck in traffic.


The key to effectively pay your mortgage is always to consider the net cost of owning a car per month. This means you need to factor in not only the unit price of the car, but also the cost of having it ensured and maintained. The cost of fuel per miles traveled is also an important factor to consider when buying a car. This way you have a realistic assessment of how much the purchase will cost you in the long run.

Fuel Consumption

Cars these days have been modified and optimized in many ways to allow you to travel more miles with lesser fuel. This is important because fuel is the easily identifiable maintenance cost that accounts the majority of what you spend on your car on a monthly and weekly basis. Assessing this aspect of the car before making the purchase will have you ready for the cost of actually owning it. Whenever you can, select a car that is frugal in its consumption of fuel. This way you are reducing the cost of gassing up, and at the same time, you contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints in the planet.

5 Things You Should Look at When Buying a Car

Cars have evolved to become status symbols that are often associated with success and financial stability. Such is the case for the common millennials who strive hard to make ends meet and still manage to pay the car mortgage that they have to pay at the end of each month. Most of these hardworking members of the working class bought cars as symbols of their success where the practical reasons usually come secondary. If you want to avoid the dreaded buyers regret those who bought the wrong cars for the wrong reasons, then you must go through these five things that you need to evaluate before driving home a new car.

Parking Space

55003a3039c0d-car-save-gas-lgDo you have a parking space already or do you still plan to find one? This is an important aspect to consider because having no parking space immediately available may require you to pay more for parking rental fees or even moving to a totally new place so that you could accommodate your latest expensive purchase.

Car Insurance

Some people go into buying cars thinking that they can afford the monthly mortgage, but failed to include the cost of car insurance. The worst case scenario is not getting car insurance at all. This puts you at a greater disadvantage because accidents resulting in damage can occur even with the most careful drivers. Car insurance exists to protect your car which in some ways is a form of investment. When you make an investment, it is important that you take all measures as well to secure it.

Fuel Cost

Sometimes owning a car is a lot more expensive than not having one at all. Some people reason out that it would be best to have your transportation rather than spend on the daily commute every day. Quite honestly some countries in Asia such as Japan and Korea have their public transport systems perfected that people prefer to take them rather than drive their private cars.

m-maintenance-icon-1Driver’s License

Don’t even think about buying a car if you do not know how to drive for more reasons than one. You would not be able to effectively test drive your prospective purchase if you do not know how to drive one. The other important reason is quite obvious; you will not be able to drive your car on the road without a license, not legally at least.

Maintenance Costs

Cars are like pets they need to be maintained to keep their engines functioning. Aside from the regular car wash to prevent rusting and other damage or discoloration you also need to have the tires regularly checked, the brake fluids replaced, and the oil changed every once in a while. If you do not have the capability to do that yourself, or have access to someone who can then don’t even think about buying a car.

A car is an investment, which is also the reason why you need to carefully consider a few factors before deciding to even own one.

A look at the Ford Fiesta: The Top Selling Car in the UK

large-image-optional_271Since it debuted almost a decade ago in 2008, the Fords Fiesta had been dominating the UK car sales chart, and that does not come without reason. In its long history in the automotive industry, Ford has had its share of hits and misses. Careful planning and evaluation in the design phase and effective marketing lead to their big hit with the Fiesta. With a superior engine build, a compact and elegant hatchback design, and cost-effective fuel consumption the Fiesta are bound to remain in the top spot for a long time.

The success of the Ford Fiesta expanded the model to its sixth generation being released. With a newer feel and a much-improved driving experience that comes with every new generation of the Fiesta, it is unlikely that Ford will stop production of the Fiesta anytime soon. There is hardly any competition against the Fiesta in its league of hatchback cars that are compact and small. All of this combines to lead to almost 4 million of its units settling with their owners in the UK.

With the pressing cost of petroleum and the unpredictable fluctuations in its prices, people are looking for cars that are more conservative in its fuel consumption. This means they will be able to drive more miles with lesser cost and spend more time having fun than lining up for gas. The Ford Fiesta comes prepared to fight in this aspect boasting an engine that consumes lesser fuel while allowing the driver more mileage with every litre.

A key factor in the Fiesta’s release that made it an instant superstar is a perfect balance it offers in the areas of convenience, space and engine build. Once you have driven a Ford Fiesta, you would fie16_st_smfeat_2_ecoboost_534immediately know what all the fuzz is about. It becomes clear and apparent to the driver testing the Fiesta that the convenient experience it provides already makes it a worthy buy.

The design of the Fiesta is one factor that the team at Ford took the time to work on. Ford has been famous for releasing exciting prototypes which were received well by critics, but they usually come with a heavy price tag in the past. With the Fiesta, Ford exerted efforts to reach a wider market by pulling the price tag down. Though cuts have to be made somewhere, the team did not fall short in the design aspect, putting in the classic Ford glamor on the Fiesta while keeping the price down.

The Fiesta is a hit in almost all areas, but it is far from being the perfect car. Many brands have released perfect car models across all aspects but never made it to the top of the sales list. Maybe what the public needs then is not the perfect car, but one that mixes the aspects that matter well. The Ford Fiesta did well in this area and if Ford maintains the same recipe it used in the Fiesta with its future releases it will surely be around the business for many more years.

The Top Car Brands in 2016

large-jeep-img5Similar to how smartphone enthusiasts follow the rankings of smartphone sales every year, car enthusiasts also follow the numbers on car sales very closely. With 2016 just wrapping up the end of the third quarter, you can almost see who will win the numbers regarding car sales for this year. Though the last quarter still can change things around as it has in the past few years, the results of the first three-quarter hold almost the final numbers for the closing of the sales year.

Looking at car sales will depend on which type of cars you would be looking at. Regarding the number of units, the mid-range cars would have the upper hand with units sold every week. The numbers can easily change though for luxury and sports cars when you switch the criteria to the net revenue the developers are getting with every unit of sales. A single sale of the most expensive Bentley can easily overthrow 5 to 10 units of Suzuki Swift Sales. This is how quickly the rankings can change depending on which way you are looking at it.

Now that the third quarter of 2016 has been wrapped up the initial numbers are out. At the top of the list, the Ford Fiesta seats comfortably. The hatchback midrange offering from Ford has clearly had its charm working for many car buyers in 2016. The not so high price attached to a brand as premium as Ford may have been a factor in the dramatic sales increase of the Fiesta. Ford has had prior-design-creates-body-kit-of-audi-r8_4a lot of ups and downs in its long history, but the Fiesta’s close to 20,000 units sold in September alone and close to a hundred thousand in the first three-quarters of the year puts them as still one of the big names in the automotive industry.

The Vauxhall Corsa comes in second place as it has been in the previous quarters of 2016. The Corsa boasts a solid number of almost 65,000 units sold in the first nine months of the year. Many have associated the favorable numbers of the Corsa to its excellent machine build and compact design. The price tag that comes with it also has a lot to do with its high unit sales.

The third on the list is another offering from Ford. Following the success of the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Focus comes third with a little over fifty-seven thousand units sold. Ford has once again proved that it can replicate its success in unit car sales across its brands and that they can do it year after year. The Ford Focus may be inferior to the Fiesta regarding sales, but the rankings change regarding performance and capacity with the Focus taking the upper hand in these areas.

2016 is almost coming to an end, and the numbers for car sales will soon be finalized. The remaining three months can either change the rankings or confirm them. Whatever the outcome is, as early as now the team behind the top 3 cars can already start celebrating.

Compelling Reasons to Buy or Lease a New or Certified Pre-Owned Toyota

Deciding whether you should buy or lease a new or used Toyota car shouldn’t at all be a dilemma. After all, both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it really all comes down to what your preferences and needs. To aid you, we will list down their individual advantages. What’s certain, though, is that if there are Toyota lease specials near your area, then you definitely should take the time to consider the benefits that they offer as opposed to buying a car in full.

Advantages of a New Toyota Car

Many car owners believe that new cars are simply more reliable, given their freshness. Nonetheless, used car buyers often refute this by saying that reliability (when it comes to cars) is often subjective. A lot of factors would have to be considered when gauging the reliability of a vehicle, after all. These factors could range from style and overall performance to other features.

A new Toyota car comes with a better warranty as well. It also pretty much guarantees your safety since it’s fresh out of the production line, unlike a pre-owned car that you have to inspect thoroughly for any hazards. The biggest pull that most new car deals have, though, is their significantly bigger discounts and lower interest rates.

Of course, these deals and specials are only ever made available during certain times of the year. Most of time people tend to wait until the end of the calendar year or at the end of the model’s year. Leasing is best if you only intend to use the car for a specific duration, allowing you to avail of its features in full even with significantly lower monthly payments and less costly repair fees.

Perks of a Pre-Owned Toyota Car

Toyota has a dedicated branch that offers certified used vehicles to their clients. It’s for this reason why opting for certified used Toyota cars is not without advantages. For instance, most come with a limited comprehensive warranty as well as a limited power-train warranty.

Opting for a pre-owned vehicle doesn’t disqualify you from a 1-year road assistance as well, and a comprehensive report of your vehicle’s history would be provided to you as well. These reports often include relevant information such as previous owners, repair history, previous registration status, and certification of mileage, to cite a few. You would be making a smarter move financially if you choose a pre-owned car, that much is for certain. This is due to the fact that a lot of new cars tend to lose as much as 20% of their initial value after one year of use.

If you’re a Kansas city local, know that Toyota is really responsive to its clients when it comes to offering their deals and specials. In fact, in their main website, you may search the Kansas City inventory for Toyota lease specials and deals in your area just by inputting your zip code. With it, you would be able to narrow down your options from the outset, making it easier for you to decide and receive the pertinent information you need.

New Car Revolution: Technology Versus Classic Functionality

bosch-autonomous-car-technology_100417251_mThe car manufacturing industry has proved to be one of the most profitable areas of business globally. With millions of units sold every quarter the automotive business is just getting a warm up before it hits its peak. People nowadays view cars as a necessity and would gladly invest in them just to afford themselves convenience in transport. Many people believe that the current generation would not be what it is today without the invention of cars. They have become such an inseparable part of the human race’s culture and way of life, and they are projected to remain in the same state for many more years to come.

Cars have had their shares of bashing and criticism due to their impact on many aspects of human existence, including being viewed as a threat that can push the planet to the brink of extinction. Many people also question the fault in the development of some new technology to be integrated into cars and flooded these new proposals with skepticisms saying that such technology’s unreliability can be fatal to both the driver and the passenger.

The revolution of new cars has been centered on addressing the concerns of various environmental groups and consumer protection organizations. The call to have safer and more environmentally friendly innovations to be embedded in cars became a must with the effects of environmental damage and global warming increasingly felt. This movement has shown a light steer from the use of unrenewable resources, such as oil, to options that significantly reduces carbon footprint.

Technology has changed the way cars are being used. They are no longer vehicles for transportation, but they have now become a part of your everyday lifestyle where you can get guidance on how to get to places with the use of a GPS-enabled device or listen to your favorite songs while driving around town or out in the countryside.

take-full-advantage-of-your-new-in-car-gpsNewer cars designed to be self-driving have surfaced and brought with it a new issue on the need for such technology. This is where functionality crosses with technology. Surely a self-driving car is cool and high tech, but the question that needs to be answered is, is it necessary and is it practical? Car companies have been reluctant to answer such inquiries, especially that the current technology is still flawed and requires more refining.

Whether or not the revolution of cars will become successful in balancing the use of technology and classic functionality features is a question that can only be answered by the end users. It would not be until such cars hit the road in the hands of the end users that such questions can be answered. The car technology has always been evolving and has always adapted to the many demands of the consumers it aims to serve. In the past, they have been successful in linking technology with practical usage as in the case of power windows, GPS-guided driving and much more, but there is no certainty yet as to whether the car companies can survive the same fiasco in the biggest leap they are about to attempt.

Why Car Stereos are such a Big Thing

hifonics_brutusIn the past, when people go out to shop for cars they would ask and look at how the engine is working, how much gas it consumes, maintenance costs, overall build and ease of driving. Today when the number of questions that car salesmen need to answer has almost doubled. Car buyers these days are now more concerned if the car has Bluetooth calling capability, does it have a built-in GPS and tracking system, can you open it with a wireless key, does it have an automatic transmission and last but not the least is it equipped with high-quality stereos.

Decades ago, if you were to ask people to rank the aspects that would affect their decision to buy a certain model of a car they would most likely rank the quality of car stereos at the bottom of the list. If you ask a typical car buyer today the stereos would surely be on their top 5. This change on how much car stereos influence the buying decisions of prospective car buyers came as a result of the increase in music sales and the availability of digital music formats, which ditches the original need for multiple CDs or cassette tapes.

Before the invention of mp3 files for music storage, people use CDs and Cassette tapes for their music inside the car other than the free music you get from the radio. It was such an inconvenience to have people keeping these rectangular and circular devices stored in cars. It takes a few plays for one to get over the music so most people would quit using them at all. This is why car stereos caraudiowere trivial features back in the day.

Today car stereos rose to the charts as every car owner’s necessity. This sudden switch in demand gave manufacturer names such as Kenwood, Pioneer, and JVC a shot at entering the Fortune 500 lists. People would now go through heavy research and testing before deciding to purchase a car stereo. If the car comes with an excellent car audio system the car’s purchase value increases dramatically. Stereos have now become an important selling point for car sales professional to close sales and hit their monthly targets.

The accessibility of digital music formats and the increase in the options available to people depending on the type of music they prefer to listen to has driven the increase in the sales and demand of high-quality car audio system. Car music has never been this important at any given point in the history of car innovation. With people now being able to buy digital music from their smartphone the options for your musical preference is unlimited compared to the amount of effort, you need to take back in the day to go to an audio shop, to select and buy cassette tapes to play in your car. Today car stereo technology has become more accurate which meets the huge supply of high-quality audio files to play.

Why Self Driving Cars Threatens the Extinction of an Era

145734_1_5Driving has become such a huge skill that everyone needs to learn in order to perform jobs and tasks effectively. Its impact to modern culture cannot be fathomed. It defines the way of life of people living in a modern city where people have to learn how to read traffic rules and follow road signs. The impact of driving can also be seen in laws and legislation developed by governments worldwide to regulate car registration, handling of road accidents, licensure processing and handling of traffic issues and concerns. Experts feel that all of these will vanish and disappear along with the practices known to most people today, which may come as a result of the introduction of self-driving cars.

First and foremost cars that can go on auto-pilot mode eliminate the need for people to learn how to drive. This eliminates many aspects of the current culture in western countries. Think about it; your grandchildren may never need to learn how to drive, they will not have the experience of going to a driving school or experience the anxiety of passing your first driving exam.

Cars are valued because of their cost, but also because of the sense of responsibility it gives to the owner. Every teen always looks forward to the day when they get to drive their own car, but with a driverless technology being introduced the future can see children as young as 8 years old owning cars and running them on their own.

The coming of driverless technology has also been seen to change the infrastructure along with the roads and streets you know today. Driverless cars will eliminate the need for traffic lights and road signs as these will already be programmed to the cars system. Imagine a road without traffic lights and road signs. Surely it looks clean and futuristic, but it will definitely erase every trace of the world we know today.

141002-self-driving-car-02_f124b0329691bfb4519f2108e0a10427Many critics expressed fear of the impact of the auto-pilot technology being introduced to cars that will be sold to private individuals. The most pressing issues, of course point out the reliability of such technology and its impact to the safety of the driver and other motorists. Critics predict that these issues will soon be resolved as car companies will soon be able to perfect the technology to a point of zero possibilities of error. When that time comes the secondary effects of such technology where it will change the current way of life and push an era to the brink of extinction becomes an imminent result.

Cars have created an era with a set of rules, practices and beliefs embedded in people’s daily routine and governments’ laws and regulations. With the new technology being introduced where the need to have conscious effort to operate such vehicle is predicted that cars will also put an end to a culture it has started. Whether or not there is truth in these theories, can only be answered once such technology becomes available to the public.

A Review of the Best Selling Cars in the World

Car sales have seen a massive rise in the number of units closed in the first three-quarters of 2016. Sufficient data is now available to run down the top cars and the aspects that afforded them such status. With information on buyer preference, critical reviews and user feedback, a more detailed review of the top selling cars for the year can now be made. If you are planning to buy a car, but are still not sure of which one to go with, then here is a quick guide for you. Here is a brief overview of the tops selling cars of 2016.

Toyota Corolla

09_toyota_corollaSince its release almost a decade ago the Corolla remains to be Toyota’s front runner regarding car sales with its classic sedan build and superb engine performance. Though the Toyota Corolla has seen a dip in its sales this year when compared to a similar time last year, it remains to be a global front-runner regarding car sales. This can be attributed to the amazing track record of the Corolla across all variants released by its developer in the past years.

Ford F-series

The sales of medium weight cars and SUVs have also seen an increase this year which became an advantage for the American veteran car developer Ford. The Ford F-series takes the lead in this category with high sales globally and a 9.2% increase in its North American market. Ford has always been known to build high-quality cars, but the key to Ford’s success with the F-series is keeping the design and the practical aspects simple while partnering it with an effective marketing plan.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf offering from the iconic brand in car manufacturing, Volkswagen has seen many variants and generations being released in the past year. With improvements and customizations with each new model being introduced the Volkswagen Gold is headed for success. Coming from a brand so iconic that it defined an era, the Golf had big shoes to fill in to which it did not disappoint.

Hyundai Elantra

hyundai-elantra-2524-002The black horse of this competition is the South Korean brand Hyundai’s offering. The Elantra is a multi-awarded car hailed for its simple but classy design, excellent performance and superb driving experience. Test driving an Elantra leads to a buying probability rate of higher than 60%. The reason for this is the Elantra provides such an exciting experience that almost no other car of the same price and look can compete with.

Honda CRV

The list would not be complete without a prototype from the Japanese developers. Japan is such a powerhouse in the automotive industry and this list it does not come unprepared sporting the Honda CRV. SUV’s have increased sales this past year, and most of the unit sales have been attributed to the high sales coming from the Elantra.

If you have not found the right car yet after reading this review, you can continue to search for more resources, but the ones listed here are already considered the cream of the crop.

5 Ways Cars Are Changing The Asian Economy

201504231017202746Automotive vehicles were first introduced in the west, but the east is quick to picking up with the pace of western car developers. In a span of a century, Eastern companies have leveled with their western counterparts regarding car sales and innovation in the automotive manufacturing industry. This means a lot to many Asian countries, especially those who benefit from the economic benefits of an agile production and skyrocketing sales. Cars continue to change the face and status of the Asian economy and here are five ways they are doing that.

Reduced Unemployment Rates

In case you haven’t noticed the car manufacturing industry in Asia has employed thousands of employees and has fed hundreds of families across this giant continent. From the design, planning, manufacturing, distribution, sales and maintenance processes, hundreds of job opportunities open to many Asian workers. The automotive industry employs not only sales professionals and factory workers but also engineers, chemists and professional accountants.

Increase in National GDPs

For countries exporting cars not only in Asia but to Europe and America as well, the revenue from car sales accounts for a huge percentage of the country’s net earnings. Two giant companies such as KIA Motors and Hyundai based in Korea have made massive contributions to the growth of the Korean economy with millions of units exported to other countries annually. The case is almost double in Japan as it is home to the big brands such as Nissan, Toyota, and Suzuki.

Better Transport of Goods

Never has there been a time where the transportation of products across places in one country has been easier than today. The improved infrastructure along with the new technology available for cars made for private and business use. The fast evolving technology available for larger vehicles made the transport of products within the country’s land territories much more efficiently.

11758-transport-competition-videomakersImproved Public Transportation Systems

Trains started to the west originally used to transport coal and other products. Trains then used to have engines powered by diesel or petroleum, but the Japanese have come to develop the bullet trains which are much faster regarding speed and more efficient in energy consumption using electricity from renewable solar power. The same technology can be seen in neighboring cities in China, Taiwan, Korea and some parts of South East Asia.

Increased Investments in other Industries

With the Asian players showing superiority in the automotive manufacturing industry, international investors have gained confidence that the same set of people can also become great innovators in other areas. This gave rise to the many Asian smartphone brands we are now seeing today. The advancements that Asia has made in car manufacturing have opened doors for its economy also to be noticed in its other aspects.

Cars continue to dominate the Asian economy, not only generating revenues for massive unit sales at the closing of each sales year, but also in the number of opportunities it provides for employment and investment from foreign investors. The Automotive industry has made Asia the powerful giant it is today.