A Review of the Best Selling Cars in the World

Car sales have seen a massive rise in the number of units closed in the first three-quarters of 2016. Sufficient data is now available to run down the top cars and the aspects that afforded them such status. With information on buyer preference, critical reviews and user feedback, a more detailed review of the top selling cars for the year can now be made. If you are planning to buy a car, but are still not sure of which one to go with, then here is a quick guide for you. Here is a brief overview of the tops selling cars of 2016.

Toyota Corolla

09_toyota_corollaSince its release almost a decade ago the Corolla remains to be Toyota’s front runner regarding car sales with its classic sedan build and superb engine performance. Though the Toyota Corolla has seen a dip in its sales this year when compared to a similar time last year, it remains to be a global front-runner regarding car sales. This can be attributed to the amazing track record of the Corolla across all variants released by its developer in the past years.

Ford F-series

The sales of medium weight cars and SUVs have also seen an increase this year which became an advantage for the American veteran car developer Ford. The Ford F-series takes the lead in this category with high sales globally and a 9.2% increase in its North American market. Ford has always been known to build high-quality cars, but the key to Ford’s success with the F-series is keeping the design and the practical aspects simple while partnering it with an effective marketing plan.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf offering from the iconic brand in car manufacturing, Volkswagen has seen many variants and generations being released in the past year. With improvements and customizations with each new model being introduced the Volkswagen Gold is headed for success. Coming from a brand so iconic that it defined an era, the Golf had big shoes to fill in to which it did not disappoint.

Hyundai Elantra

hyundai-elantra-2524-002The black horse of this competition is the South Korean brand Hyundai’s offering. The Elantra is a multi-awarded car hailed for its simple but classy design, excellent performance and superb driving experience. Test driving an Elantra leads to a buying probability rate of higher than 60%. The reason for this is the Elantra provides such an exciting experience that almost no other car of the same price and look can compete with.

Honda CRV

The list would not be complete without a prototype from the Japanese developers. Japan is such a powerhouse in the automotive industry and this list it does not come unprepared sporting the Honda CRV. SUV’s have increased sales this past year, and most of the unit sales have been attributed to the high sales coming from the Elantra.

If you have not found the right car yet after reading this review, you can continue to search for more resources, but the ones listed here are already considered the cream of the crop.

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