Why Self Driving Cars Threatens the Extinction of an Era

145734_1_5Driving has become such a huge skill that everyone needs to learn in order to perform jobs and tasks effectively. Its impact to modern culture cannot be fathomed. It defines the way of life of people living in a modern city where people have to learn how to read traffic rules and follow road signs. The impact of driving can also be seen in laws and legislation developed by governments worldwide to regulate car registration, handling of road accidents, licensure processing and handling of traffic issues and concerns. Experts feel that all of these will vanish and disappear along with the practices known to most people today, which may come as a result of the introduction of self-driving cars.

First and foremost cars that can go on auto-pilot mode eliminate the need for people to learn how to drive. This eliminates many aspects of the current culture in western countries. Think about it; your grandchildren may never need to learn how to drive, they will not have the experience of going to a driving school or experience the anxiety of passing your first driving exam.

Cars are valued because of their cost, but also because of the sense of responsibility it gives to the owner. Every teen always looks forward to the day when they get to drive their own car, but with a driverless technology being introduced the future can see children as young as 8 years old owning cars and running them on their own.

The coming of driverless technology has also been seen to change the infrastructure along with the roads and streets you know today. Driverless cars will eliminate the need for traffic lights and road signs as these will already be programmed to the cars system. Imagine a road without traffic lights and road signs. Surely it looks clean and futuristic, but it will definitely erase every trace of the world we know today.

141002-self-driving-car-02_f124b0329691bfb4519f2108e0a10427Many critics expressed fear of the impact of the auto-pilot technology being introduced to cars that will be sold to private individuals. The most pressing issues, of course point out the reliability of such technology and its impact to the safety of the driver and other motorists. Critics predict that these issues will soon be resolved as car companies will soon be able to perfect the technology to a point of zero possibilities of error. When that time comes the secondary effects of such technology where it will change the current way of life and push an era to the brink of extinction becomes an imminent result.

Cars have created an era with a set of rules, practices and beliefs embedded in people’s daily routine and governments’ laws and regulations. With the new technology being introduced where the need to have conscious effort to operate such vehicle is predicted that cars will also put an end to a culture it has started. Whether or not there is truth in these theories, can only be answered once such technology becomes available to the public.

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