New Car Revolution: Technology Versus Classic Functionality

bosch-autonomous-car-technology_100417251_mThe car manufacturing industry has proved to be one of the most profitable areas of business globally. With millions of units sold every quarter the automotive business is just getting a warm up before it hits its peak. People nowadays view cars as a necessity and would gladly invest in them just to afford themselves convenience in transport. Many people believe that the current generation would not be what it is today without the invention of cars. They have become such an inseparable part of the human race’s culture and way of life, and they are projected to remain in the same state for many more years to come.

Cars have had their shares of bashing and criticism due to their impact on many aspects of human existence, including being viewed as a threat that can push the planet to the brink of extinction. Many people also question the fault in the development of some new technology to be integrated into cars and flooded these new proposals with skepticisms saying that such technology’s unreliability can be fatal to both the driver and the passenger.

The revolution of new cars has been centered on addressing the concerns of various environmental groups and consumer protection organizations. The call to have safer and more environmentally friendly innovations to be embedded in cars became a must with the effects of environmental damage and global warming increasingly felt. This movement has shown a light steer from the use of unrenewable resources, such as oil, to options that significantly reduces carbon footprint.

Technology has changed the way cars are being used. They are no longer vehicles for transportation, but they have now become a part of your everyday lifestyle where you can get guidance on how to get to places with the use of a GPS-enabled device or listen to your favorite songs while driving around town or out in the countryside.

take-full-advantage-of-your-new-in-car-gpsNewer cars designed to be self-driving have surfaced and brought with it a new issue on the need for such technology. This is where functionality crosses with technology. Surely a self-driving car is cool and high tech, but the question that needs to be answered is, is it necessary and is it practical? Car companies have been reluctant to answer such inquiries, especially that the current technology is still flawed and requires more refining.

Whether or not the revolution of cars will become successful in balancing the use of technology and classic functionality features is a question that can only be answered by the end users. It would not be until such cars hit the road in the hands of the end users that such questions can be answered. The car technology has always been evolving and has always adapted to the many demands of the consumers it aims to serve. In the past, they have been successful in linking technology with practical usage as in the case of power windows, GPS-guided driving and much more, but there is no certainty yet as to whether the car companies can survive the same fiasco in the biggest leap they are about to attempt.

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