A look at the Ford Fiesta: The Top Selling Car in the UK

large-image-optional_271Since it debuted almost a decade ago in 2008, the Fords Fiesta had been dominating the UK car sales chart, and that does not come without reason. In its long history in the automotive industry, Ford has had its share of hits and misses. Careful planning and evaluation in the design phase and effective marketing lead to their big hit with the Fiesta. With a superior engine build, a compact and elegant hatchback design, and cost-effective fuel consumption the Fiesta are bound to remain in the top spot for a long time.

The success of the Ford Fiesta expanded the model to its sixth generation being released. With a newer feel and a much-improved driving experience that comes with every new generation of the Fiesta, it is unlikely that Ford will stop production of the Fiesta anytime soon. There is hardly any competition against the Fiesta in its league of hatchback cars that are compact and small. All of this combines to lead to almost 4 million of its units settling with their owners in the UK.

With the pressing cost of petroleum and the unpredictable fluctuations in its prices, people are looking for cars that are more conservative in its fuel consumption. This means they will be able to drive more miles with lesser cost and spend more time having fun than lining up for gas. The Ford Fiesta comes prepared to fight in this aspect boasting an engine that consumes lesser fuel while allowing the driver more mileage with every litre.

A key factor in the Fiesta’s release that made it an instant superstar is a perfect balance it offers in the areas of convenience, space and engine build. Once you have driven a Ford Fiesta, you would fie16_st_smfeat_2_ecoboost_534immediately know what all the fuzz is about. It becomes clear and apparent to the driver testing the Fiesta that the convenient experience it provides already makes it a worthy buy.

The design of the Fiesta is one factor that the team at Ford took the time to work on. Ford has been famous for releasing exciting prototypes which were received well by critics, but they usually come with a heavy price tag in the past. With the Fiesta, Ford exerted efforts to reach a wider market by pulling the price tag down. Though cuts have to be made somewhere, the team did not fall short in the design aspect, putting in the classic Ford glamor on the Fiesta while keeping the price down.

The Fiesta is a hit in almost all areas, but it is far from being the perfect car. Many brands have released perfect car models across all aspects but never made it to the top of the sales list. Maybe what the public needs then is not the perfect car, but one that mixes the aspects that matter well. The Ford Fiesta did well in this area and if Ford maintains the same recipe it used in the Fiesta with its future releases it will surely be around the business for many more years.

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