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gen_mustang_2015Established as an online resource for car enthusiasts and consumers alike, Dead End Cruisers is an online website dedicated to providing comprehensive, unbiased, and detailed information about anything that comes out of the car manufacturing industry. We aim to be your one-stop resource for information to fulfill your need for information on the latest trends and news on car technology, new car releases and reviews of innovations made in this field.

With the increasing number of options available for new car buyers causing confusion and challenge in separating facts from fiction, Dead End Cruisers aim to provide an unprejudiced opinion to shed light on issues that will allow people to choose more wisely. The ordinary consumer’s lack of knowledge and technical understanding of the many aspects that need to be looked into when buying a car can lead to them making the wrong decisions. We aim to bridge this gap by equipping the ordinary consumer with expert opinion and knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions in their purchases and choice of brands.

We also aim to be the number one provider of reliable information for car enthusiasts who have a high demand for high-quality news and information on the upcoming trends in the automotive world.